Life is good!!

I have the day off today... For once, I don't have anything to do! It's so crazy. I'm not used to NOT having things to do...I'm always so freakin busy!!!.. I may just go do a little shopping for my house and hit the tanning bed. Just enjoy my day....for once. lol

Sooo, I'm enjoying my gorgeous new ride. It's so nice. I still have to learn how to use the damn navigation guy at the dealership gave me a brief overview but I have to actually play with it to get it personalized. It's such a cool feature. Anyway, I couldn't be anymore proud of myself. Not to brag but I've worked my ass off to get to where I'm at. So, I guess I'm allowed to pat myself on the back every now and again. Things in my life are coming up and I couldn't be happier. :)

My son just turned 11. Man, he's getting so big it's so hard to believe. He's going through a major growth spurt right now. Just about all the clothes I bought him for Christmas, he's grown out of. He got a crap load of clothes for his birthday and more than half of them don't fit him. i just can't believe it!! I'll have to take him shopping with me so that way we'll get the right sizes. It's next to impossible to shop without him these days. He's gonna be a big guy when he grows up. His Daddy is 6'4" so hopefully he'll take after him. I love my little man!!!

So, other than that, things are great. My Mother in law is finished with her Chemo. She's feeling better and better everyday. My Father in law is doing great as well. They just went on a trip so we had Honey, their golden retriever, over here for 3 days.

So all in all, things really couldn't be any better right now. *knock on wood* ;) Just doing the family thing and working our tails off..... Now, if we could just win the lottery...ha ha ha!!
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Alot to be excited about! :)

Today will most likely be my day to buy a new truck....My lease is up on the 17th of March and I had a situation the other day where the key wouldn't turn.....?? Come to find out, the entire key part (whatever it's called) needs to be replaced.  Nissan told me would cost me $600....I refuse to put another dollar in this truck when I'll be turning it in in less than a month...Soooo....I recieved a confirmation number to sign and drive from Nissan customer service so my husband and I are heading to the dealership today to see what we want..I'm really wanting the 2007 Pathfinder. Armada or I'll even drive the Murano. I just have to see what offers they have and what they'll give me the best deal on. I know I don't want a really high car payment like I've had for the past 3 years...We'll see...I'm so excited, though...I can't wait for that new car smell!!! Weeeeee!!

Other than that, things have been going really well..My son made the A-B honor roll and just ended his flag football season. He'll be playing tackle football in a couple of months...YIKES!! It makes me so nervous!! lol I'm so proud of him. He's really been putting forth alot of effort in both school and football...That's all a parent could ever ask for.  He recieved the MVP award yesterday at his awards ceremony. I didn't get to go but I heard ALL about it. lol He's my cool little man!

Here are a few pics with him in action...

So, I guess that's about it for now. I need to start getting ready for my day. I'm sure we'll be at the dealership ALL DAY...UGH!!

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Trying to update more...

So, today I have a day off...My schedule was so crazy this week. I worked 7 days straight and then towards the end of this week, My boss gave me off Friday and sunday...I'm not complaining, though. I have no idea what we are doing today. It's beautiful outside...I'd really lke to get out of the house...Maybe go lay out in the sun for a bit or go somewhere for lunch.......??/ We'll see,,,

My husband is on a rampage this morning...We woke up and noticed that the food in our freezer is all thawed out...? Either he left the door open last night going in for his mid-night icecream attack or somethings wrong with it?? It's a brand new fridge so I'm pretty sure it's still under warranty if it is broken...? I need to go look through the papers....But he is BEYOND pissed right now as how we have about $200 worth of food in both sides of the fridge....For some reason I'm not getting angry.??.lol...I know I should be since money doesn't grow on trees, but what can we do about it? If it's broken then we have the get it fixed and start all over...It's not a HUGE deal to me but it damn sure is to him. The only thing is that it's sunday....Who fixes appliances on sunday?? lol Ah well.....iIguess we'd better start cooking some food and invite the neighbors over, huh? *winks*

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!!!! I'm not sure how many friends I have left on here since I've kinda disappeared but if ya hear me talking...holla!! ;)
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Finally! A day off!!

Man! What a gorgeous day outside today!! I just rolled out of bed, I'm drinking my morning coffee and catching up on some computer time.....

So I worked a total of 7 days in a row this week.....Today I have a day off FINALLY!!!!  I plan on meeting up with my girlfriend in a couple of hours.. I'm on a mission to buy myself some more furniture for my house (mainly my bedroom) and some window treatement for the downstairs family room. Things are coming along but it's obviously not as quickly as I'd like it to be. lol One step at a time. ....I have to set myself little goals and accomplish them one at a time, otherwise, I'll get WAY out of control with the spending.... Being in debt IS NOT one of my "goals"...he he But it's fun doing it this way. I get so excited when I buy myself new stuf!!!


 I'm gonna try to upload some photos from my camera to the computer. It's a new digital that I got for Christmas and I swear that damn thing has it's own brain and can think for itself. It's the nicest camera I've ever put my hands on.....soooo, hopefully it'll plug itself in and do what I tell it to do! ha ha ha!!

Well, have a great day!!!!! Stop by and say hi!

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Hello again!!

Well, hello there! lol It's been awhile...... I'm always working and when I'm not working I'm busy catching up on things.....

So alot has happened since I last posted.....

I bought a beautiful house ( yay, finally it took long enough!!) and I celebrated my 30th Birthday (Wow, I CANNOT hold my liquor anymore! ha ha). My life has been so hectic since about November but in a very good way. *smiles* I'm feeling very blessed and extremely grateful for the things I have in my life. I'm still loving my job..I've been there over 2 years already...It's so hard to believe. Life is good. I couldn't ask for anything more.....

Sooooo....I don't really know what to say other than just Hello!! I hope things with you all are wonderful!!!

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Long and overdue post....

I haven't updtaed in awhile...That seems to be the case during these last few months.....;p

Alot has been going on. I don't even know where to start...I've been from one side of the spectrum to the other....Man, It's been one hell of a say the least...

My job is going betetr than evern. I've reached my full potential and I'm am thinking of getting into competing...?? I'd like to take this to the next level but I'm trying to way out my options at this point. All I know is, my job offers (and I take 100% advantage) full medical coverage (which my husband and son are completely covered), I have a 401K, I own stock int he company, I have long term/short term disability....I just can't see myself doing THIS everday all day until my retirement days...I want to take this passion of mine to the next level and try to go as far as I can go with it and STILL maintain my full time career....It will be a handfull but I am totally in....Research is still underway...

My Mother in law, as some of you may already know, had her kidney removed a few months ago due to cancer. Well, two weeks go she had both of her breasts removed, also due to cancer. She is due for another operation as of tomorrow to have her lemphnodes(sp?) under her right arm removed because the doctors believe that her cancer may have spread and are taking a very radical and aggressive approach. It's a serious operation with very serious side effects. I've been so preoccupied with them and so unbelievably busy with work, I haven't really had any time for myself...When I'm not working, I'm with them. It's just been nuts to say the least.

Some great news still remains......My husband and I are still in the process of searching for a home to buy...It's taking a little bit longer than we thought it would bur given the cercumstances, it's been a little more difficult to complete.  We've been pre-approved so that part is over with....I've found a few home(s) that I'd really like to make a bid on and we plan on following through with those plans sometime next week....It's just been hard with his parents so sick...We feel an obligation to them and we KNEW this would happen a long time ago....we keep giving in, which in all fairness we should,  and discontinuing our plans one minute and then the next we're full force again...Like I said, it's been one hell of a year........If I've evern been on a roller coaster ride...this surely is the biggest and craziest of them all!!!

Other than all the craziness, things are great. My son is in school (5th grade!! I can't believe it!!) and doing great!!. My husband may be changing jobs...?. Still in the same business but moving up in the world of tinting???? At the moment,  he's the ONLY saleman for a well known tint/window film company in this area and the actual provider for his company offered him a HUGE opportunity.....It's a company 10 times the size of his and this company distributes all over the United States...They want him to come and be their main sales guy for this area.....:) I'm very excited and look forward to what this might bring...He deserves so much for what he does. He's one hell of a saleman and I'm so proud that he's finally been recognized for his efforts....He certainly works his ass off .:)  I'll tell you in all honesty, not many have what he has....I just want him to be as successful as he can be....

hope all is well....
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